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Our highly skilled professional team specializes in the safe installation and assembly of the many types of fixture systems found in today’s retail environments. We are experts working with wood, metal, laminate, and glass. We handle fixture installation for new store interior construction, remodels, and expansion projects including: pallet rack, slat wall, sales counters, cabinetry, casework, custom-designed fixtures, and more.

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  • Gondolas

  • Stock Room

  • Pallet Racking

  • Light Duty Shelving

  • Cooler Shelving

  • Signage

  • Offices

  • Check Lanes

  • Fitting Rooms

  • Shelving

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  • Carpentry

  • Millwork Carpentry

  • Inventory & Receiving

  • Pharmacies

  • Fitting Rooms

  • Order Pick-Up

  • Check Lanes

  • Signage

  • Offices

  • Snack-bars & Coffee Centers

  • Warehouse - Automatic Depalletizer Disassembly

  • Jewelry Casework

  • School & Hospital Casework




The MNI mission is to consistently provide the highest level of service & customer satisfaction.


MNI's journey began in 1978 by a mother of six as a creative solution to a growing business and family. Working closely with her husband, Doc they wanted to create a company that produced such quality work that it would inspire a long-lasting and loyal client list, all from word of mouth. Starting small with mall bookstores and growing to clients like Bass Pro Shop and Target, this pair felt invigorated to always expand. Using their individual strengths - Docs carpentry skills, and Janet's business mind - this couple has created a wonderfully tight-knit community of carpenters & installers who have a true passion for creating things with their hands. This dependability has produced equal loyalty in our clients that span back to the first years of the company.



A true MNI legend, Doc was said to be able to fix anything; Thanks to this tireless dedication & commitment to treating their team as a family, MNI has created a legacy of excellence that is incomparable. Not only are MNI’s clients long-standing, their employees are multi-generational; Daughters, sons, husbands, and wives all work with a common goal to carry on the legacy of Janet & Elroy. Many of our team members have worked with us for over 30 years; this kind of loyalty is how we can continue providing such quality work.​




Legacy is upheld by tradition. At MNI we have a heritage of teaching this craft to younger generations so they can carry on a passion for building. Using our founders' dedication to their clients and employees as our guiding principle, our compass, and our north star; we work to bring the love of building to a new generation. We span 3 generations of females boldly reshaping what it means to be woman-led; we are the matriarchy to our core. We deliver a path and a future by imparting the power of building something - the possibilities that can arise from a pile of pieces. We look forward to showing a digital world the joy of building things with your hands while challenging the gender-societal norms of the construction industry as a whole



At MNI, we handle all your fixture needs spanning cross-country. Experienced and well-trained staff ensure quality installation & success on every MNI job, small or large. We specialize in new construction, expansion and remodel projects. By staying close to our clients and injecting a bit of that MNI spirit everywhere we go, we ensure that each job gets the level of attention & care that our business partners have grown accustomed to. Our goal is to provide a satisfaction-guaranteed fixture installation - From a reliable pre-construction estimate to final project completion and closeout.

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Let us share our love of building with you. We provide a family-style work environment and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. 



We currently offer several internship opportunities. This provides
an opportunity for a student to gain real job skills, knowledge, and experience. 


Some of the skills and experiences an intern will have are:


  • Learning to read plans and drawings

  •  Inventory tracking and receiving 

  • Fixture assembly 

  • Attending meetings with FC, GC, and the store team 

  • Covid-19 protocols

  • Scheduling.

  • Project management skills



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